Bennington College announces $150M campaign, largest ever

March 26, 2019 |

At an event last Thursday in Los Angeles, Bennington College announced that it has already raised $78.5 million — or more than half — of its ambitious $150 million capital campaign goal. The event was the first of two kick-off celebrations for the historic campaign, which will support Bennington students, programs, and facilities for years to come.

“The next generation is graduating into a world with significant challenges in a time of rapid change. Colleges today cannot just prepare students to enter the world as it is — we must prepare students to re-make it as they want it to be,” said Bennington College President Mariko Silver. “This campaign is about ensuring the continuity of Bennington’s legacy as a hub of creativity and ground-breaking, culture-shaping work. It is also about expanding access and opportunity for the young people who are going to address the most pressing challenges before us. Today’s Bennington students are tomorrow’s world-builders and problem-solvers.”

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