Benchmarking Strategies For Any Campus

Date of broadcast: Tue, 04/10/18

While gathering various types of assessment data can be vital to help college and university leaders to identify areas for improvement and to influence strategic decision making, it can be challenging to make sense of this data, and to act accordingly. Benchmarking can address this challenge, by providing a better understanding of the data, identifying which results are outstanding or concerning, and helping higher ed leaders to establish goals for their institution.

Attend this web seminar to learn more about benchmarking, why campus leaders should use it, and some practical strategies for using benchmarking effectively at any campus. Our presenters will be the director of analytics and research at Skyfactor, and the executive director of Student Affairs Assessment and Planning at Northwestern University.

Topics will include:

  • The definition and importance of benchmarking
  • Why every institution should use benchmarking data to guide decision making
  • Strategies for using benchmarking effectively at any institution

Scheduled speakers:

Robert Aaron, Ph.D.
Executive Director
Student Affairs Assessment and Planning
Northwestern University

Sherry Woosley, Ph.D.
Director of Analytics and Research

Who will benefit: Higher ed administrators interested in assessment, benchmarking or strategic decision making. Anyone may attend.