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Matt Zalaznick

Adult learners celebrate graduation at DePaul University in Chicago. The school has focused on simplifying the application and admissions process to accommodate “nontraditional” students.
K12 students in Florida’s Orange and Osceola counties are being tracked for progress in partnership with Valencia College. Educators share data to spot early signs of potential and possible academic struggle.
Berea College President Lyle Roelofs encourages the campus community to jog or walk with him before classes two days a week. Along with getting to know students, running helps Roelofs make big decisions about leading his institution.
Undergraduate research has rapidly expanded to first- and second-year students at the University of West Florida. Administrators see this as a competitive edge over larger institutions, where research may be limited to grad students, seniors and juniors.
Tennessee State University President Glenda Baskin Glover, shown above with the Rev. Jesse Jackson, grew up in civil rights-era Memphis and served as a student civil rights leader in high school and at the institution she now leads.
The CARE Center at Kennesaw State University not only provides a range of services for students in need, but also holds events to raise awareness about homelessness, foster care and food insecurity.