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Matt Zalaznick

The new Inter-campus Course Exchange, also known as ICX, makes courses offered at any of UMass’ campuses available via online learning to all students enrolled in the state system.(GettyImages/Sam Edwards)
A growing number of institutions that are slashing tuition in efforts to maintain access and enrollment as students and families cope with the economic fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic. (GettyImages/sesame)
Emerging Leaders Science Scholars students at Purdue University participate in an orientation session. (Purdue University photo/Rebecca McElhoe)
COVID policies and policing have led to strikes by graduate students and R.A.'s at the University of Michigan. (GettyImages/Andy Sacks)
Degree completion grew by about 5% in all computing disciplines between the 2017-18 and the 2018-19 academic years. (GettyImages/izusek)
Public institutions must gives religious student groups equal access to fees and facilities, according to a new U.S. Department of Education rule. (GettyImages/PeopleImages)
"Marist Mindset" details key issues to guide learning, creativity and personal growth for first-year students.
To build equity through learning analytics, college leaders must set explicit goals while ensuring transparency and privacy. (GettyImages/Igor Alecsander)
“Villanova Interdisciplinary Immigrations Studies Training for Advocates” (VIISTA) will train immigrant advocates to provide represent migrants and refugees in court.(GettyImages/Korrawin Khanta/EyeEm)
College administrators are dropping SAT and ACT test admissions requirement to reduce stress on families and students coping with COVID disruptions. (GettyImages/Chris Ryan)
One in five Virginia students—both K-12 and college—lack either high-speed internet or a computer in the home, according to the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia. (GettyImages/Carol Yepes)
Cleveland Marshall College of Law
35% of students in a recent study had used telehealth for mental health support in the spring and a majority were satisfied with the experience.(GettyImages/Carol Yepes)
Research at UT Austin will drive advancements in machine learning to analyze the massive amount of video data that people upload to the internet every day. (Photo: University of Texas at Austin)
A student at the University of Central Florida self-assesses for COVID symptoms with the school's mobile app
In Texas, a San Jacinto College student receives her degree during a drive-up graduation ceremony this summer.