Aplic.io announces rollout of pilot platform for international students

May 2, 2019 | Aplic.io

Aplic.io, a global platform built to improve the post-secondary education and career access for students and graduates, has had more than 100 institutions join its platform for streamlining their international student enrollment processes. Aplic.io offers an ecosystem to provide an efficient program matching and application process for applying to higher education institutions, scholarships and jobs.

Students will be able to access the pilot Aplic platform to create their comprehensive profile, upload necessary documents, academic records, other achievements and portfolio of projects. The platform is free to use for applicants.

“The Aplic platform is not simply a recruiting  platform, but a bridge connecting students to colleges, universities, and top employers from around the world,” says Inna Bogdanova, founder and CEO of Aplic.io. “It offers students, admissions offices, and hiring managers a one-stop application and skill verification tool.”

Aplic allows students to upload all pertinent application materials such as photos, biographical data, transcripts, and examples of work such as essays, portfolios, and recordings of student performances to apply to academic programs, with a couple of clicks. Once enrolled, students will be able to build their talent profile with projects they’ve done during their course of study, and then search and apply for entry-level jobs and internships across the world.

The Aplic pilot platform goes beyond existing talent and college/university admissions platforms to offer each end user a holistic view of the applicant. This skill-based approach is particularly beneficial to entry-level candidates, for whom traditional, chronological, resumes do not present a holistic picture of what they have to offer an employer. Also, on Aplic, only employers or verified past and present colleagues can offer endorsements. The Aplic platform offers employers and graduates mutual assurance and verification of skill sets and claimed talents and hobbies.

The project is presently in alpha launch mode; a beta format, which will include a dashboard for institutions and employers, is scheduled for a July 1 rollout date. During this time, Aplic is encouraging institutions to test and give feedback during the beta phase to help design an optimal platform that best suits the needs of the modern admissions office.

An international team of professionals in tech, international education counselling, marketing, and cross-cultural management is implementing the new Aplic platform. Bogdanova has more than 10 years’ experience in international education counseling.

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