‘All the worst parts of college’: Students reflect on a year of online classes

By: | January 7, 2021

The fall semester on college campuses felt a bit like finals week, over and over. Students hunkered down, with little spontaneity or socializing to break up the monotony. And there’s more of the same to look forward to this spring.

Colleges and universities in the St. Louis area tried to adapt the college experience to make it resemble a normal school year during a pandemic, and to encourage students to enroll and write checks for room and board. Lectures and exams shifted online, and learning still took place. But it was harder to re-create all of college life and the other big reasons students seek out a residential college experience. Late-night meetings, parties and clubs and activities were all curtailed.

As students wrapped up their fall semester — the first taste of college for the class of 2024 — and looked ahead to a spring that promises to be similar, St. Louis Public Radio asked students from colleges in the region to share their experiences.

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