A Little Nudge Goes a Long Way: Helping Students Help Themselves

Date of broadcast: Wed, 10/24/18

“Nudge theory”—or using subtle reinforcements to positively influence behavior—is increasingly being used in higher education, having been proven to increase FAFSA completions, decrease summer melt and improve retention rates. Tiny nudges can result in big changes at any institution.

Register for this pre-recorded webcast to learn what nudging is all about and how it could benefit your campus. A case study from Indiana University will demonstrate how a simple letter nudged students toward better borrowing habits, and presenters will discuss guidelines and ideas for utilizing nudge theory in a variety of ways on any campus.

Topics will include:

  • A practical description of nudge theory and its role in financial education programming
  • Tips and ideas from the Indiana University case study
  • A guide to creating nudge-based financial education initiatives

Scheduled speakers:

Phil Schuman
Director of Financial Literacy
Indiana University

Carissa Uhlman
Vice President of Student Success

Who will benefit: Higher ed administrators interested in financial education, student services or retention. Anyone may attend.