3 ways universities are fostering entrepreneurship

By: | March 24, 2021

Currently, there is a growing number of programs worldwide oriented to entrepreneurship. There is even a ranking from The Princeton Review that evaluates the main universities to study entrepreneurship at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Curiously, these lists of 50 universities at each level are made up of only North American universities with the exception of Tecnológico de Monterrey, which ranks fifth in the undergraduate category in its 2021 edition.

Multiple scientific studies on entrepreneurship ecosystems have verified the interdependence of actors in them, where universities, the government and entrepreneurs, among others, are the most relevant to promote entrepreneurship activities.

According to the GUESSS 2018 global report , the university context plays a key role where entrepreneurship education and entrepreneurial culture are determinants of the entrepreneurial intentions and activities of students. If you analyze the list of universities to study entrepreneurship from The Princeton Review and cross it with the ranking of global ecosystems published by Startup Genome, you will find that they coincide in most cities. It is no coincidence that the presence of highly educated universities coincides with the development of the entrepreneurial ecosystem. As is the notorious case of Silicon Valley, where there are more than 10 universities, the most important are Stanford and UC Berkeley.

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