3 steps to reduce your Title IV false claims risk

Federal grants and loans provided under Title IV programs are especially susceptible to FCA violations because of the extensive requirements that attach to these funds. You can reduce your institution’s Title IV FCA risk by adhering to simple guidelines.
September 17, 2019 | By Derek Adams, via University Business

Each year, the Department of Justice (DOJ) recovers billions of dollars through settlements and judgments under the False Claims Act (FCA), a statute passed during the Civil War to protect the Union Army against unscrupulous contractors. Its modern day use encompasses the day-to-day work of universities and colleges, from student recruitment and student aid, to research grants, to healthcare services.

This year already has seen two settlements by universities resolving alleged fraud in their Title IV programs, continuing a trend that has seen more than $100 million paid by universities and colleges for alleged Title IV violations over the past six years.

The DOJ carries a heavy hammer with the FCA as it provides for treble damages (three times actual damages) plus significant penalties.

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