3 more team tools colleges can try

Higher ed administrators talk about Yammer, Trello and Google G Suite

Yammer (free)

Good for: Collaboration and communication

Who’s using it: Penn State

From event planning to website redesign, setting up Yammer networking groups to share ideas, get feedback and check in on the progress of projects can help large campuses stay connected.

Trello (free)

Good for: Tracking projects

Who’s using it: The George Washington University

“Every project that comes into our office—whether it’s print, web, photo or video—automatically gets added as a card on a Trello board,” says Dominic Abbate, GW’s creative director. “The entire project can then be tracked from start to finish.”

Google G Suite (free)

Good for: Maximizing face time

Who’s using it: York College of Pennsylvania

“We use G Suite to collaborate in real-time on our meeting agendas and notes,” says Robert Yoka, director of infrastructure and security services.

“This allows us to spend more time asking each other questions and working through problems instead of everyone typing or writing down what our colleagues are saying to avoid missing important information.”


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