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Western Governors University’s 43,000 online students make for the nation’s largest all-you-can-learn program.
How flat-rate tuition models are being used to better serve nontraditional students
IT officials at any institution considering outsourcing help desk support will need to weigh the pros and cons to determine whether budget and IT operations mesh with an external provider
Colleges and universities of every size looking to alleviate internal IT staff of “level one” support calls
Hampshire College librarian Jennifer King, student Sarah Jayne Klucken and science librarian Thea Atwood look through the seed catalog.
Students can check out packets of fruit and vegetable seeds
UW Extension School, Brandman University launching all-you-can-learn

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Helping students understand their debt and teaching money management skills should be a priority for higher ed institutions
By outsourcing administrative customer queries, staff time can be better spent and student needs can be better met
ACU commits to mobile, delivers advanced applications supported by an Alcatel-Lucent network infrastructure
AT&T’s Campus Guide gives DePaul University students one-stop access to campus information