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SMU's Cox School of Business

SMU's Cox School of Business Looks to the Future with Extreme Networks

At SMU's Cox School of Business, tomorrow’s business leaders are re-envisioning how the world does business.

Grove City College and HP Partner on Student and Faculty Laptop Program

Strategic plan -- leveraging leading-edge technology -- transforms campus with accessible IT environment

Implementation of a laptop program was the beginning of the simplification and standardization of IT at Grove City College (PA), a common enough move these days as anywhere, anytime computing becomes the campus norm.

The ABCs of Mobile Marketing

Words to know in exploring this new frontier in higher education marketing

WHILE ONLY 19 PERCENT OF Americans aged 12 to 17 have ever listened to a podcast, according to the Pew Internet and American Life Project, many institutions have invested in academic or marketing initiatives to offer content and updates via podcasting. At the other end of the line, the possibilities for reaching and engaging the 75 percent of teens glued to their mobile phones are still mainly ignored by the majority of marketing strategists in higher education.

Digital Signage for Education

Enhancing campuswide communication with digital signage

Look around a college campus today and you will be hard pressed to find a student walking around without a cell phone, MP3 player or other wireless device. With students being more on the go and tech-savvy than ever, the days of disseminating information by posting campus news on the doors of dormitory bathroom stalls and community bulletin boards are quickly coming to a close.

Web 2.0—Bane or Boon to Campus Operations and Management?

Higher education has become an online service industry. Students submit — and colleges accept or deny — applications online. Parents pay tuition on the web. Schools post curricula and students select courses and manage their college experiences via portals. Professors publish websites listing syllabuses, assignments and office hours. Classes, tests, and research can all be conducted online. Online services are now a necessary and expected part of campus life.

Five Steps to Developing a Powerful Social Networking Strategy

Creating web communities can help you build relationships of value with your most important constituents. Here's how.

HIGHER EDUCATION IS JUMPING ON THE social media bandwagon. A 2008 UMass-Dartmouth Center for Marketing Research study states that colleges and universities are adopting social media tactics faster than Fortune 500 companies.

Wireless Windfall

Bandwidth leasing provides a win-win for universities and wireless companies.

WHEN PRESIDENT HAMID SHIRVANI STEPPED ONTO THE California State University, Stanislaus, campus to begin his tenure more than three years ago, he realized the university was using only about 10 percent to 15 percent of the channels on its radio spectrum license.

Should You Twitter?

Real and effective communication, 140 characters at a time

AS I’M FINALLY SITTING IN front of my computer to write this column, I’m frantically following real-time developments at one of the major conferences for web professionals working in higher education: HighEdWeb in Springfield, Mo.

What's New

Looking for higher-education technology products and services? Start here.

Lexmark has two new lines of printers designed with the environment in mind. Both have built-in two-sided printing to reduce paper waste and allow for instant warm-up for incoming print jobs while cutting down on power when idle.

Stop, Thief!

Identity-theft threats seem to be a constant, thanks to porous networks and laid-back users. But there are some key strategies campus leaders can use to help keep the bad guys at bay.

“Identity theft may not be your fault, but it could be your problem,” says Dan Holden of IBM’s X-Force research group, which examines identity theft. “It’s hard for any organization to achieve a high level of prevention and control, but it’s worth the effort to try.”