Students Across Michigan Sign Up For 'Sugar Daddies' To Help Pay For College

There’s no flipping hamburger, serving drinks or answering phones to make enough money to pay for college for several hundred Michigan students.

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Pricing, Enrollment Issues Felt at Colleges Across U.S.

A recent Moody's Investors Service report highlighted the pressures facing American colleges and universities, finding that pricing and enrollment issues have hampered their ability to earn money from tuition.

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Governor's Budget Seeks Cost-Cutting in Higher Education

Gov. Jerry Brown's newly proposed funding increase for higher education has largely focused on state-funded public colleges saying they won't raise tuition for the 2013-2014 school year, but Brown also wants the University of California, California State University, and community college systems to rein in costs, operate more efficiently and get students to obtain their diplomas more quickly.

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Higher-ed Tuition Freeze Offered for More State Funding

Washington's six public-college presidents say they will freeze tuition levels for the next two years if the Legislature will increase higher-education funding by $225 million.

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Tuition Freeze Would Be First in Decades

Nebraska's governor is recommending state funding increases large enough to allow the university and state colleges to forgo tuition increases through 2015.

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GOP Legislators Propose Higher Education Tuition Freeze

Two GOP legislators propose banning tuition hikes for seven years at all California public universities and colleges.

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The $1 Trillion Problem: Protect Your Institution from Student Debt

Educating students is key to minimizing the student loan debt problem affecting your entire campus

The pressure institutions are facing from the growing student loan debt crisis is felt by all departments, from financial aid to admissions. Schools are struggling to justify tuition costs to prospective students, as well as to ensure recent alumni leave pleased with the institution, despite having student loan debt. In this web seminar, originally broadcast on November 13, 2012, representatives from American Student Assistance (ASA), St.

$10,000 Degree Bill Puts Overdue Focus On College Efficiency

Higher education has become an almost exclusive gateway to a middle-class income in our modern world

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