Incoming Iowa State Univ. President Leath's Vision: Debt-Free Students

Incoming Iowa State University President Steven Leath envisions future generations of ISU students graduating free of debt.

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Seton Hall Will Lower Tuition Rate By $21K To Match Rutgers For Some Incoming Freshmen

In an unusual move, Seton Hall University will reduce its tuition by more than $21,000 next year for incoming freshmen who have high SAT scores and graduate in the top 10 percent of their class, school officials said today.

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Rationale Behind Determining Price in a Time of Limited Budgets

As many college officials and enrollment management administrators are well aware, there is a debate between those who believe lower prices will attract cost-conscious families, particularly in difficult economic times such as these, and those who argue for the “Chivas Regal” effect, where an increase in the cost of a college signifies luxury quality for the buyer (aka the student).

RI Board To Vote On Tuition For Illegal Immigrants

A state higher education board is planning to vote on a measure that would allow students who immigrated to the United States illegally to pay in-state tuition rates at Rhode Island's public colleges and universities after the General Assembly declined to take up the issue.

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Committing to Lower Tuition Increases

Very few colleges and universities have actually cut their tuition, according to a National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities survey of members released in June. Other measures have been taken, though. Some institutions have frozen or allowed buying of four years, including Catawba University (N.C.) and the Sage Colleges (N.Y.). Others have committed to lower tuition increases than in the past. For example, 2011-2012 tuition rates at these colleges have gone up modestly:

Tuition Hikes Spark State Rep. Genetski To Call For Panel To Oversee Public Universities

Rising tuition is prompting a state representative wants call for a state commission to oversee public universities, but a spokesman for the colleges accuses Rep. Bob Genetski of trying “to dismantle public education.”

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U of Calif. Davis Chancellor Unveils Revenue Plan With More Nonresident Students

UC Davis is moving to add 5,000 students, many of them from outside California, in a bid to increase revenue and reduce its dependence on volatile state funding.

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Tough Conversations

Talking about student debt—and default—across the campus

Here’s the harsh reality: The number of students who have debt has increased, and the amount of money that they have borrowed has gone up. These borrowers then graduate into a world with weak employment prospects. It’s a bad situation leading to higher loan default rates.

Report: Republican Legislators Propose Bill To Strip Mich. State U, Wayne State Of Millions In Funding

A bill introduced by four House Republicans would cut millions of dollars in state funding from Michigan State University for raising tuition at what they say are excessive rates, the Detroit Free Press reports.

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