Reject plan for two-tier community college system

Students’ access to high-demand classes should not depend on whether they can pay extra for the privilege. The legislature should reject a bill that would set up a two-tier fee system for some community college classes. State and education officials should find a better solution to the space shortage in must-have classes than letting those with more financial resources skip to the head of the line.

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Senate vet leaders join in-state tuition push

A push to prevent public colleges and universities from charging student veterans out-of-state tuition took a leap forward Tuesday when Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee leaders joined the cause.

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Minnesota House Passes Higher Ed Budget that Would Freeze Tuition

In a vote that some lawmakers hailed as a first step toward curbing the rising costs of college, Minnesota's House passed an omnibus bill that would freeze tuition for two years at both of the state’s public higher education systems.

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Tackling College Affordability: Criteria for a System Redesign

There is a lot of talk right now about the future of higher education, and particularly about how student financing should be redesigned within that new future. The main driver of this interest is the nation's dramatically increasing need for talent. Two-thirds of all new jobs require a postsecondary degree or other credential, but only about 40 percent of Americans have it. As a result, the talent gap is wide.

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Louisiana Lawmakers Are Debating Higher Ed Tuition Hikes

In the last four years, higher education in Louisiana has felt the brunt of more than $650 million in cuts. Depending on what happens in the state legislature, tuition could rise for thousands of students at universities across the state. Recently, the state's House Education Committee held a hearing on a proposed bill which would allow universities to raise tuition without legislative approval.

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Families Stuck in the Middle When it Comes to Higher Education

Increasingly, it seems as though higher education doesn’t have a place for people like me or my family. You see, we are the middle people. We are middle class, with three children. But in the realm of higher education, if you are “middle,” you are at the bottom. Scholarships, grants and financial assistance abound for students who earn top grades. And rightfully so.

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Connecticut Board of Regents Approves State Higher Ed Tuition Increases

The Finance Committee of the Board of Regents for Higher Education, which governs four Connecticut state universities, 12 community colleges and Charter Oak State College, approved an increase in tuition and fees for the system’s nearly 100,000 students.

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The High Cost of Higher Education Explained in One Simple Graphic

Over the last 30 years, tuition has increased 1,120 percent; by comparison, even the "skyrocketing" cost of health care only rose 600 percent, and housing costs have gone up a paltry 375 percent.

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Higher Education Budgets Target Minnesota Tuition Costs

The Minnesota legislature is focusing nearly $3 billion in higher education funding on keeping college costs as low as possible. The House and Senate budget bills unveiled Monday would send more money to the state's grant program for financial aid and give public colleges and universities millions of dollars dedicated to freezing tuition rates for the next two years.

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Wanted: The $1,000-a-Year Education

Worldwide, there are about 1.5 billion children eligible for primary education and 650 million students eligible for higher education. What if we could effectively educate each student for just $1,000 a year? It would be an achievement greater than the $100 tablet computer (soon to be on the market) and would make education accessible to almost anyone.