Higher education faces tuition disruption

Has college tuition begun to go the way of Walmart-style pricing? College administrators are experimenting with cut-rate models by freezing tuition, slashing sticker prices, and rolling back tuition, driven to discover a way to tip the scales toward enrollment growth. So far, these efforts aimed at tipping the scales toward enrollment growth have been mixed.

Grand Canyon University freezes tuition for sixth straight year

Grand Canyon University has announced that it will freeze on-campus tuition costs in 2014-2015 for the sixth straight year. Tuition for online students also will remain unchanged.

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Washington & Lee offers free tuition to those who qualify

Through a new financial initiative, administrators at Washington & Lee University, a small private college in Lexington, Va., said that, starting next fall, they will guarantee free tuition for undergraduate students whose family income is lower than $75,000.

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Sagging state funding jacks up college tuition

The start of a new school year is punctuated by what's become a new financial norm for public universities: massive cuts in state funding that lead to rising tuition, cuts in enrollment, sporadic class schedules, and staff layoffs.

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Converse College is slashing its tuition by 43 percent

Converse College in Spartansburg, S.C., is the latest school to wield the hatchet. The women's college, which is celebrating its 125th birthday, is cutting its tuition next year by 43 percent. Tuition at the performing and liberal arts college will drop from $29,124 to $16,500, while room and board will cost $9,500.

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Paying it forward on student debt

Next month, as many as a dozen legislatures could consider a new proposal to tackle the growing student-debt crisis. The plan, dubbed "Pay-it-Forward" by its creator, would allow students to enter college without having to pay tuition upfront: In exchange, they would agree to pay a small and set percentage of their income after college into a public fund allowing the next generation to do the same.

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Is community college worth it?

One can scarcely open a newspaper, surf the web, or watch a news program these days without encountering this question: Is college worth it? Instead of merely entering the debate, we need to reframe the question: Is a community college education worth it?

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Tuition at public colleges and universities hit record levels in 2012

Average tuition rose by more than 8 percent in 2012 and now tops $5,000 a year, a record high, according to a new report from the State Higher Education Officers Association.

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Tuition, not loan rates, is key to higher-ed solution

Maybe Congress should have pressed the “pause” button on interest rates last week until it figured out what to do about soaring college costs. But the reality is that Washington got us into this mess to begin with. And, if tradition holds, Washington is much more likely to make things worse than to get us out.

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