RI College offering car-sharing on campus

Rhode Island College is offering a car-sharing program on campus as a way to reduce parking demand and cut down on vehicle emissions.

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An Active Approach to Student Transportation Safety

As winter progresses, harsh weather conditions  make it even more critical for colleges and universities to feel confident that they are transporting students to and from university-related activities as safely as possible. This means insisting that passenger trip organizers identify and select the safest bus companies in the industry to transport their students.

Tidewater Community College To Pay HRT To Cover Rides For Students And Staff

Tidewater Community College is the latest institution to pay Hampton Roads Transit a set fee for its students and staff to ride light rail, buses and ferries for free.

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University of Minnesota Deploys the Dero ZAP Bike Commuting System

Tuesday, October 11, 2011 — Universities and colleges, non-profit organizations, and private and public employers alike are endeavoring to promote commuting by bike as an environmentally friendly and healthful transportation alternative. However, the lack of a practical and reliable way to tally bike trips has held back their efforts to encourage and reward biking. At the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE) annual conference in Pittsburgh, Dero announced the solution: Dero ZAP.

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Tidewater Community College Bargaining With Hampton Roads Transit To Snag Special Rate For Students

Tidewater Community College students and staff may be able to use Hampton Roads Transit's light rail, ferry and bus services at a special rate if contract negotiations between the school and transportation provider prove a success.

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North Dakota State U President: Private Plane Justified, Cost-Effective

A private airplane cost North Dakota State University more than $500,000 last year, but President Dean Bresciani says it’s a more efficient use of time and money than driving to meetings across the state. Bresciani said his goal is to use the plane only when multiple people need to travel and he flies commercial for out-of-state trips.

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Grand Valley State U Launches Bike Rental Program For Students Using Left-Behind Wheels

Living in an apartment just off campus, Erin Mruz wasn’t really eager to drop $165 this semester on a parking permit so she could drive her Jeep to class at Grand Valley State University.

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Shuttle Buses Take Tulane, Loyola Students Where They Want To Go

So you're barely into the fall semester at Tulane or Loyola, and you're already tired of cafeteria cuisine. Or you'd like to spiff up your wardrobe and take in a movie, but you don't have access to a car.

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Biofueling Busses

When Zach Waickman was a senior at Loyola University Chicago, he had just completed an internship with a major news network in Chicago and planned to pursue a career within his communication major. But, a course focused on biodiesel completely changed his path.

Waickman, who graduated in 2008, is now working toward obtaining his MBA and is biodiesel lab manager for Loyola's Center for Urban Environmental Research, facilitating students in the process of turning waste grease into biodiesel to fuel the university's shuttle busses.