After 20 Years in Partnership, an Educational Combo Is Getting a Messy Divorce

This weekend, along the border’s southern tip, homecoming at the University of Texas at Brownsville and Texas Southmost College will be bittersweet for many. It will be one of the last, at least for the unique partnership between a community college and an upper-division university that operated as one institution for 20 years.

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Motlow State Comm. College, Middle Tennessee State U Reach Dual-Admission Agreement

Middle Tennessee State University and Motlow State Community College have announced a dual-admission program that will help students earning a two-year associate's degree to apply those credits toward a bachelor's degree.

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Four-Year Schools Courting Community College Graduates

More students enrolling in two-year programs; more continuing studies at four-year colleges

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Univ. of Wisconsin System Aims To Ease Transfer Of Academic Credits

The University of Wisconsin System is looking to boost graduation rates by making it easier for students to transfer to its campuses, and regents heard Thursday about an online tool that could help students plan for the move.

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University of Wisconsin System To Ease Transition For Transfers, Lessen Stigma

The University of Wisconsin System is trying to help transfer students get a degree quicker and cheaper as part of its effort to increase the number of college graduates in the state.

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Gloucester County College, Rowan University Offer Dual-Enrollment

A new agreement between two southern New Jersey colleges will soon make it easier for students who go to community college to earn a four-year degree.

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Targeting Transfers

Community colleges, universities, and states working together to improve the transfer process

LONG A STEPPING STONE TO higher education for low-income and first-generation students, community colleges will become more important to a wider variety of students if the combination of a weakening economy and increasing tuition continues.

Enrolling Transfers: A Matter of Service

What students arriving from community colleges expect and need

AS ENROLLMENTS AT U.S. community colleges continue to grow, some four-year institutions are beginning to view community colleges as competitors.