Town / Gown

Ann Arbor's Historic District Commission Takes Stand Against Student High-Rise Proposed On East Huron

The city of Ann Arbor's Historic District Commission is taking a rare stand against a project proposed outside one of the city's historic districts.

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Plan For 8-Story Building Near Camp Randall Draws Opposition From Neighbors, Police

Plans for an eight-story, mixed-use student housing development in the shadow of Camp Randall Stadium has many neighborhood residents concerned.

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WMU Plans To Renovate, Raze Historic Buildings Bittersweet To East Campus Supporters

News of Western Michigan University’s plans to demolish West and North halls, the Speech and Hearing Center and possibly wings of East Hall was disappointing for Thomas Coyne, a former alumni relations director at WMU and member of the Friends of Historic East Campus group.

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A Museum Full Of Antiquities Embraces Modernity

Visitors to the Penn Museum might never see the red clay tablet. Little bigger than the palm of a hand, it sits on a metal cart in a back room.

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Keeping Higher Education On Public Agenda (Opinion)

New Jersey’s colleges and universities, and citizens have something to celebrate: passage of the “Building for the Future” higher education $750 million bond on Nov. 6 by nearly a 2/1 favorable vote.

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Sacramento State Engineering Students Help Out With Highlands High Physics Class

Sacramento State's Hornet Racing Team turned a physics lesson about building miniature cars from gears, axles, and electric motors into an unforgettable experience for some Highlands High School physics students on Friday.

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University's Neighbors Complain About Student Parking

Loyola Marymount seeks to address concerns. Residents are happy about plans for more spaces on campus but not that there will be a charge for them.

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Town-Gown Dramatics

Why strong town-gown relationships do not flourish unattended—and what they do require

Unintended consequences will frequently result from unique events. Barton College (N.C.) fashioned one of the most dramatic finishes ever played when it won the DII National Men’s Basketball Championship in spring 2007. In the last 45 seconds, a single point guard sank five baskets. The shot that won the game dropped with 0.1 seconds to go. (If you love basketball and have not seen this clip, it’s on YouTube under “Barton College Basketball.”)

A Growing ODU Needs To Expand - But How?

Old Dominion University is exploding with growth. Its student body jumped from fewer than 20,000 a decade ago to more than 25,000 this year and is projected to approach 28,000 in five more years.

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