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Speed Puts Community Colleges Front And Center

Fitzpatrick Manufacturing Co. is a high-tech job shop, crafting super-precise parts for machines used in everything from robotics to aerospace to oil exploration. Macomb Community College lies a few miles down the road in this Detroit suburb.

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Scoring Big With New Football Teams

In an era when many schools are dropping team sports, a growing number are bucking the trend by taking to the gridiron.

The University of Texas at San Antonio campus is dominated by modern cream-colored buildings with dark red tile roofs and acres of parking lots, testimony to 40 years of serving largely as a commuter school for students from the surrounding area.

Business Leaders For Michigan: Invest More In State Universities, But Set Tough Goals

Domino’s sells a lot of pizza to college students, but the company is having trouble hiring its former customers for high-tech jobs because there aren’t enough graduates in those fields, the company’s president told lawmakers.

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Providence Mayor To Meet With Brown President

Providence’s mayor is set to meet with Brown University’s president on Wednesday as he seeks more in voluntary payments from the Ivy League school to help close a $22.5 million budget shortfall.

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Johnson & Wales To Triple Payment To Providence

Providence's mayor on Wednesday announced a tentative deal with Johnson & Wales University under which the school would more than triple its annual voluntary payments to the financially struggling city -- and possibly contribute even more.

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RI City Vs. Brown In Latest Town-Gown Money Clash

When Providence Mayor Angel Taveras recently warned that Rhode Island's capital could run out of cash by June and face bankruptcy, he singled out the city's largest employer and one of its most prestigious institutions -- Brown University -- for what he called a failure to sacrifice.

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Arlington Hoping Glitter of New University Arena Rubs Off on Its Downtown

The opening of the University of Texas at Arlington’s College Park Center was the place to see and be seen Wednesday night.

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Norfolk State U Leader Takes Long Strides In Short Time

It happened to Gary McCollum a few weeks ago, just as it has to other Norfolk State University board members. Someone stopped McCollum, the rector of the Board of Visitors, to say: “Wow, your new president at Norfolk State is everywhere.”

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