Lake Region State To Seek Approval For Wind Turbine, Tower Near Campus

Lake Region State College will seek approval Tuesday from the North Dakota Public Service Commission to build a 1.5-megawatt wind turbine/tower near its Devils Lake campus.

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SAS Unveils No-Cost Sustainability Management for Higher Education

Higher education institutions can now use SAS(R) Analytics at no cost to calculate and report their energy footprints. With Web-hosted SAS OnDemand for Education: Sustainability Management, US colleges and universities can easily track, manage and communicate sustainability efforts and strategies.

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Landfill gas powers higher education at University of New Hampshire

University reduces its carbon footprint, its market dependencies and its energy costs through Waste Management partnership

ith the costs of higher education continuing to soar, many colleges and universities are looking for innovative ways to lower expenses, while simultaneously pursuing their long-term sustainability goals. The University of New Hampshire (UNH) is proving that both objectives are, indeed, achievable.

AMX Begins Shipping RMS Enterprise

RMS Enterprise is a scalable client/server based software for IT and AV managers that provides remote management capabilities for AV assets and building systems. The rich web application offers a new widget-based dashboard with enhanced graphics and navigation including visual bar graphs, Hotlists, expanded device support - all to simplify operation, support and security. RMS Enterprise contributes to energy reduction initiatives and extending useful life of devices. For example, IT and AV managers can improve SLA response times and reduce equipment downtime.

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UMd Wins Architecture Award At Solar Decathlon

The Department of Energy says the University of Maryland's entry in its Solar Decathlon competition has taken first place for architecture. The overall winner will be announced Saturday in Washington.

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Univ. of Michigan Adds $14M In Green Initiatives

University of Michigan President Mary Sue Coleman on Tuesday announced $14 million in environmental investments, which adds to the ongoing green campus expenditures that total more than $100 million.

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Students Battle a Dallas Cowboys Unit Over College Apparel

The Dallas Cowboys have a new merchandising arm that recently jumped into the business of producing college-logo apparel for leading universities, but the Cowboys subsidiary has already encountered a stubborn opponent — student groups that contend it is using overseas sweatshops.

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MIT releases new interactive simulation tool for educators

Imagine you are a leader in the fishing industry. You have to balance the need to compete against others and make a living in a tough industry with the need to limit the total catch in order to sustain the fishery for future generations. Your decisions affect your company’s bottom line and the health of fish stocks and ocean ecosystems. Can you earn a profitable living without decimating the fish stocks, forcing everyone into bankruptcy and destroying the communities that rely on fishing for their livelihood?

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Buying Local, Feeding Needy, Till Fordham Calls A Halt

The project seemed tailor-made for a university brochure: Students promoting locally grown food. A soup kitchen taking in the leftovers. An aspiring lawyer, from bucolic Essex, Vt., making Manhattan feel closer to some green space.

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Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis Getting $1.3 Million To Train Students In Energy Efficiency

Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis is getting $1.3 million from the federal government to train engineering students as industrial energy efficiency experts.

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