Student Wellness

CU-Boulder Named 'Druggiest' College In America In Daily Beast/Newsweek Report

The University of Colorado has been named the "druggiest" college in America, according to a new report from The Daily Beast and Newsweek.

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Higher-Education Board Calls For Investigation Into Florida A&M U Hazing

Citing its "grave concern" over hazing activities at Florida A&M University, the state's Board of Governors has called for an investigation into whether administrators did enough to prevent hazing in the famed marching band and throughout the campus.

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Despite Suspensions, Hazing Persisted At Florida A&M U

Two decades ago, the now-ousted director of the Florida A&M band warned in a letter about the dangers of hazing among the famed "Marching 100" ensemble, saying "it would be very difficult for the university and the band should someone become killed or hurt."

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Suit Spurred By Va. Tech Suicide Settled For $250K

The state has agreed to pay $250,000 and create a $100,000 scholarship fund to settle a $43 million wrongful death lawsuit brought against Virginia Tech by the family of a student who committed suicide, according to a court order.

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The “Rugged Individualist” versus the “Ivory Tower”

How the consumerist paradigm threatens higher education in America

Deep admiration for the self-made men and women of business is all but encoded into Americans’ DNA. This is all well and good. Where would we be if innovators like the late Steve Jobs were reviled instead of admired? Where would our colleges and universities be without the businesslike approach to management that has become their hallmark?

'Culture Of Hazing' Fatal For Florida A&M U's Robert Champion, Attorney Says

Family members of a Florida A&M University marching band member who died in Orlando following a suspected hazing attack announced a lawsuit against the university during a news conference Monday in Atlanta.

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Florida A & M U Band Director: I Want My Job Back

The Florida A&M University band director who was fired after the death of a drum major in which police say hazing was involved told university officials Friday that he wants his job back.

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Boca Dad Files $180 Million Suit Against Cornell For Son's Death

The father of a Cornell University freshman who committed suicide by jumping from a high bridge spanning a gorge is suing the college for $180 million in damages.

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Hazing Looked At In Florida A&M U Band Member's Death

Florida A&M University's famed Marching 100 band, which has a history of hazing, has been shut down until investigators find out more about how one of its members died after a football game.

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