Student Wellness

Norfolk State U Officials Say Tide Station Poses Risk For Students

Because of their safety concerns for students on campus, Norfolk State University officials forced a $7 million relocation of the light-rail station across Brambleton Avenue, to move it away from the school.

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A Bridge to Recovery on Campus

Over the past several years recovery programs have been popping up at colleges, large and small, public and private. Now there are more than 20 programs, with more in the pipeline. Texas Tech University has used some $900,000 in federal grants to help campuses build programs.

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Florida A&M U Death: Vigilance Key To Changing Culture Of Hazing, Experts Say

The beating death of Florida A&M University drum major Robert Champion is forcing school administrators to take a hard look at how they deal with the culture of hazing, especially among the famed Marching 100 band.

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LSU Streams Fitness Videos and Healthy Lifestyle Tips Online Via Mediasite

Fitness webcasts delivered via Mediasite by Sonic Foundry, Inc. (Nasdaq: SOFO), can help you work off those holiday calories and get back in shape for 2012.

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Florida Colleges Ban Smoking

If you smoke, you may be breathing less easily on college campuses these days.

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Student Sent To Rehab In Columbia Univ. Drug Case

A Columbia University student who sold marijuana as part of a campus drug-dealing ring has begun a year of drug treatment that could get his charges dismissed, becoming a prominent example of a rehabilitation option expanded by a recent change to New York’s drug laws.

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Students With Painful Past Find A Fresh Start At Western Michigan University

WMU runs the largest Michigan program for former foster kids attending college, allowing them to stay in dorms over holiday breaks. This winter break, about 40 students are on campus.

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The Hour When the Ship Comes In

A president’s tale of displaced students—and how administrators found them a home on the water

I’ve had a soundtrack to the events recounted here running through my mind: “Oh the time will come up / When the winds will stop / And the breeze will cease to be breathin’ / Like the stillness in the wind / ‘Fore the hurricane begins / The hour when the ship comes in…”

Colleges And Suicide Threats: When To Call Home?

The email that arrived at Virginia Tech's health center in November 2007 was detailed and unmistakably ominous. It concerned a Tech senior named Daniel Kim and came from an acquaintance at another college.

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