Student Retention

Mormon Mission Fallout To Shake Up Utah Colleges

Officials bracing for big changes in recruiting, scholarships, admissions and even graduation rates.

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Colleges Pledge To Graduate Additional 4 Million

Nearly 500 public colleges that account for three-quarters of all four-year college students pledged Tuesday to produce a combined 3.8 million additional graduates by 2025, an ambitious target that would help bring the United States closer to its goal of regaining its lost global lead in college attainment.

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MTSU Official: Higher Education Salary Study Doesn't Tell Entire Story

A state study released this week may show MTSU’s bachelor degree graduates earned less in recent years than those completing community colleges, but workers with a four-year degree will make more in the long-run, a university official said.

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Lake Michigan College Testing New Method Of Connecting Low-Income Students To Social Services

Lake Michigan College is one of seven colleges across the nation participating in an experimental program to see if coordinated financial help, such as child care subsidies and food assistance, helps low-income students complete a degree.

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College of Southern Maryland Launches Heroes Scholarship Campaign

With more than 870 students using veterans’ benefits to pursue their degree at the College of Southern Maryland (CSM) since last fall, the CSM Foundation has launched its second annual “CSM Heroes Campaign” in honor of those who served our country as well as first responders who risk their lives daily for the safety of others.

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