Student Retention

Colorado Community College System Will Deploy SunGard Higher Education Course Signals to Help Improve Retention and Student Success

The Colorado Community College System (CCCS) will implement SunGard Higher Education’s Course Signals early intervention system at its 13 colleges and online consortium. The system helps improve student performance by alerting at-risk students early in their courses to take corrective actions, and encouraging them to be active participants in their academic success. Course Signals is able to warn students as early as the second week of the term that they are at risk of failing or withdrawing from a course. It also helps facilitate faculty and staff intervention to support the student.

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PACT Mentoring Program Drives Recruitment & Retention

By Dr. Kimberly R. Cline

College and university leaders are dedicated to recruiting high quality applicants with a focus on retaining those students through graduation, and embarking them on successful career paths. In today’s global economy, we aspire to provide students with the best possible competitive edge to succeed in their desired fields after graduation.

At Mercy College, we have found that our PACT program is central to advancing in these ultimately interconnected realms: from recruitment, through the college experience, towards graduation and a successful career.

Students With Painful Past Find A Fresh Start At Western Michigan University

WMU runs the largest Michigan program for former foster kids attending college, allowing them to stay in dorms over holiday breaks. This winter break, about 40 students are on campus.

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Public Colleges: Degree Completion Leaders

Public institutions may have lower graduation rates, but in moving students toward graduation, it appears they’re more successful than private institutions, according to a report assessing graduation rates from the Higher Education Research Institute at UCLA. It introduces a new method for predicting an institution’s graduation rate, based on social, economic, and psychological characteristics of incoming students.

Study Links Winning Football and Declining Grades

When a college football team is successful, students put down their books and pick up some beers.

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College Programs Help Pay N.D.'s Debt To Returning Veterans

Meeting the needs of veteran students should be a priority for the North Dakota's campuses, University System Chancellor Bill Goetz announced this fall.As a result, campuses are creating or maintaining programs to help.

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More U of M Students Taking 4 Years To Graduate

The university says 54 percent of students now graduate in four years, up 4 percent over last year. The rate was under 30 percent a decade ago.

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Bowl Team Graduation Rates Up, Racial Gap Persists

A study released Monday of the 70 Football Bowl Subdivision schools that will participate in the upcoming college football bowl season showed continued academic progress, but that the gap between white and African-American players continues to persist.

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Keys To College Students' Success Often Overlooked, Report Says

An early visit to college, clubs and other activities help students graduate earlier than others, study finds. A sense of belonging also helps, researchers say.

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