Student Retention

Fla. Universities Mull Tuition Hikes, Program Cuts

Faced with $300 million in state budget cuts, Florida universities are weighing such options as bigger classes, fewer degree programs, employee layoffs and tuition increases.

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U Of Northern Iowa Family Anxiously Awaits Details Of Proposed Cuts

A sense of loss, fear and anxiety has saturated swaths of campus this week as the University of Northern Iowa braces itself for today’s anticipated announcement of the elimination or restructuring of about a quarter of its academic programs.

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Wayne State University Adopts Programs To Close Achievement Gap Between Black And White Students

After spending most of his career as an executive at Ford Motor Co., Wayne State President Allan Gilmour knows plenty about retooling. Taking a redesigned car from the drawing board to the showroom can take three or four years.

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Rutgers Trustees Show Disapproval Toward Camden Campus-Rowan Merger

The Rutgers Board of Trustees and several professors voiced displeasure tonight with the proposed plan to combine Rutgers-Camden with Rowan University to form a single research institution that would bear Rowan’s name.

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Blackboard Launches Solution to Improve Developmental Education

Blackboard Inc. today announced the official launch of Blackboard Developmental Education™ (Blackboard DevEd), an innovative approach aimed at improving student outcomes and increasing completion rates in an area where many institutions have struggled. The solution, which was first piloted by several institutions in the fall, now includes built-in assessment and analytics tools that enable course instructors to further personalize their instruction.

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Keeping Students on Board

Implementing a research and development approach

Student retention is a big problem that doesn’t get the attention it deserves. About one-third of college students fail to obtain a degree six years after taking their first college course, and the United States is no longer in the top 10 list of countries with the highest graduation rates, according to the College Board. The drop-out rate affects long-term economic prosperity nationwide. This is particularly true in an age where knowledge, creativity, and innovation are key drivers in a globalized economy.

A Very Rough Road For Community College Students

Many graduated from low-performing high schools that ill-prepared them for college, making them unlikely to get a degree. L.A.'s. community college district is responding with special programs, but one social scientist says it's not enough.

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