Student Life Cycle Management

Mormon Mission Fallout To Shake Up Utah Colleges

Officials bracing for big changes in recruiting, scholarships, admissions and even graduation rates.

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Parchment Launches Enrollment and e-Transcript Analytics Tools

Parchment expands product suite with new offering that redefines enrollment analytics; updates Docufide to improve usability, automation and intelligence.

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Out-Of-State Students Keep UW System Enrollment Level

Lower birthrates are driving down the number of prospective college students in Wisconsin, but because several campuses in the University of Wisconsin System are luring more freshmen from other states, total enrollment is holding steady.

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A Vermont College Deputizes High School Counselors as Admissions Officers

Every high school student knows the system: college admissions officers have near-magical powers to admit or deny applicants.

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Community Colleges' Crisis Slows Students' Progress To A Crawl

Thousands of degree seekers are able to enroll in only one class at a time. Hopes of graduating or transferring wither as years pass.

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Enrollment Drops Again in Graduate Programs

Enrollment in college is still climbing, but students are increasingly saying no to graduate school in the United States.

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The New Finance and Enrollment Partnership

Strengthening the bond for better budget decision making and more

The vast majority of independent, private sector, higher education institutions are more than 80 percent dependent on tuition and student fees—the exception of course being that small cadre of elite, well-endowed institutions that comprise a small portion (less than 10 percent) of private schools. Even most of the nation’s public colleges and universities are increasingly dependent on tuition revenues and often student headcount affects the allocation of state support.

Adrian College Takes Risks, Uses Business-Model Strategy To Turn Dark Days Into Rosy Future

On a sunny September day, the area of campus Adrian College calls “the mall” is alive with students hurrying across manicured lawns toward classes, a modern library or the terraced patio of the student center.

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