Student Life Cycle Management

Early Admission Returns to Princeton, and So Do the Applicants

Four years ago, Princeton and Harvard ended their early admission programs, in an effort to delay the beginning of the annual frenzy of applicants to secure a precious seat in the next freshman class.

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College Leaders In Georgia Launch Graduation Plan

The Board of Regents agreed Wednesday to begin developing graduation targets for the state’s 35 public colleges which will eventually determine their funding.

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The Psychological Impact of Cyber Bullying

School violence, the threat of violence, and harassment continues to worry educators locally, nationally and internationally. Although violence exits in its rawest form, i.e., shootings, rape, kidnapping, and bomb threats; more passive and pervasive forms of harassment and/or bullying also exist.

Grand Valley State U Seeks To Expand On Medical Mile In Grand Rapids

University administrators on Friday will ask the Board of Trustees to spend $3.25 million to purchase 1.6 acres just north of its Cook-DeVos Center for Health Sciences, 301 Michigan St. NE, to allow for future expansion.

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Minnesota State Colleges and Universities To Former Students: Come Back To School, Finish Degrees

It's called the "Graduate Minnesota" campaign and it features 30-second radio spots and letters to more than 20,000 people who recently attended a state college or university, but didn't earn a degree.

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Low Graduation Rates Indicate Texas Is Underachieving (Opinion)

Latest data from the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board reveal 62,500 more students enrolled in Texas colleges and universities this fall compared to last year.

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Senate's Dual Enrollment Bill A Mixed Bag For Students (Blog)

Public school officials are grumbling about it, but participating in Michigan's dual-enrollment program is about to get easier.

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Student Enrollment Grows 4.3 Percent Among Texas Colleges, Universities

More minority and community college students are seeking a higher education, a trend that helped Texas' enrollment grow about 4.3 percent to about 1.5 million this fall, according to preliminary data released by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board today.

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More City Kids Attending State Universities

Overall enrollment in the state's four smaller universities is down slightly — by about 2 percent — but enrollment of students from the state's largest cities is up.

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