Student Life Cycle Management

State Colleges Partner In Mentor Program

The competitive job market in the Oil Patch has contributed to high staff turnover at Williston State College, with more than one-third of its faculty and staff hired in the past two years.

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What’s the Matter With Business at Liberal Arts Colleges?

Why business courses belong in these schools

I am a bit perplexed. No matter how hard I try, I can’t seem to get many listeners on the subject of the need for liberal arts colleges to offer a minor in business and entrepreneurship. Over the past month, I wrote to the presidents at four of the top liberal arts colleges in the U.S. about the possibility of this idea. One kindly responded right away, acknowledging that it may be worthwhile, but due to financial issues, no new programs were being introduced.

Seeking To Raise Graduation Rates, U of Utah Dumps Admissions Index

High school seniors hoping to attend the University of Utah this fall will face fresh admissions criteria under an overhaul designed to ensure freshmen are better prepared for college success.

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North Carolina State University Implements Destiny One to Help Improve Enrollment and Student Experience

Destiny Solutions today announced that North Carolina State University’s McKimmon Center for Extension and Continuing Education (MCE&CE), a 28,000 student center named in honor of the service of the continuing education pioneer, Dr. Jane S. McKimmon, has successfully implemented Destiny One to enhance constituent engagement, increase enrollment and improve customer service.

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SAS, University of Texas System launch public dashboard to share progress, performance

Texas citizens have an unprecedented view into the effectiveness of The University of Texas System. Powered by SAS® Analytics and SAS Business Intelligence software, the UT System Productivity Dashboard reports on nine focus areas, including undergraduate access and success, research, IT investments, philanthropy, PhD programs, and faculty and staff excellence.

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Baker College Of Muskegon Attracting More Out-Of-State Students

When Payton Pugh graduated high school in June 2010, she had lots of options on where to go for culinary school.

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College Applicants Look Past Scandal At Penn State

New Jersey is huge Penn State territory. More kids from here apply there than from any other state outside of Pennsylvania — 5,600 so far this year.

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UMaine System Seeks More Students

After a decade of decreasing enrollment, the UMaine system has launched an aggressive campaign to attract more local and out-of-state students.

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University Of Utah Med School Looks To Expand Enrollment

The University of Utah will ask lawmakers next year for enough money to not only restore its medical school class size but expand it by another 20 seats over the next two years.

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