Student Life Cycle Management

Admissions Officers Speak Out

Realities and ambitions in recruitment and outreach

Spring means warmer temperatures and longer days, offers of admission flying to mailboxes and inboxes across the land, and acceptances coming back. We peeked behind the admissions curtain and connected with four top administrators at a range of institutions—small and large, public and private, West Coast to East Coast, and in between—to learn more about what is changing in their world.

Expert Tells UW Regents To Adapt To Changing Student Needs

Stereotypical college students who live in dorms and go home for the occasional weekend no longer are the main driver of changes in higher education, one of the nation's top education experts told the University of Wisconsin System Board of Regents on Friday.

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Southern University Plans Aggressive Recruiting Efforts, Course Offerings

Southern University is getting ready for its annual “College Night on the Bluff” with hopes of turning prospective students into real students for fall 2013, Chancellor James Llorens said Wednesday.

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Gallup/Lumina Foundation Poll Reveals Public Perception of Higher Ed

Despite recent conversations that have been stirring about the value and return on investment of American higher education, there is still a strong public opinion in favor of it, according to a new Gallup/Lumina Foundation poll. The issue, the poll found, lies in how people feel about attainment and the current model of higher ed.

Rethinking the business of higher education

There’s more startling news about the impact of expensive tuition and poor job prospects on higher education.

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Enrollment Slows Nationally

It had been predicted for years and now it looks like it is finally coming to pass.

Law Schools’ Applications Fall as Costs Rise and Jobs Are Cut

Law school applications are headed for a 30-year low, reflecting increased concern over soaring tuition, crushing student debt and diminishing prospects of lucrative employment upon graduation.

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Jackson Community College Enrollment Continues To Drop

Roughly 12.5 percent fewer students are taking classes this winter at Jackson Community College compared to a year ago, keeping the college’s enrollment numbers at 2006 levels.

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Texas A&M Planning Dramatic Increase In Engineering Enrollment

Texas A&M University announced an ambitious plan Wednesday to more than double its engineering enrollment, to 25,000 students, by 2025. That would be nearly half of the overall fall enrollment of 50,227 at the College Station campus.

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