Smart Classrooms

"Creating a Connected Campus" at UBTech2012

As competition in the higher education community becomes more aggressive and funding less available, academic institutions are turning to IT and AV to simultaneously enhance the teaching and learning experience and reduce overall costs.

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SMARTdesks Introduces Cirrus, Ergonomic Height Adjustable ADA Compliance Computer Furniture

Height adjustable ADA compliance desks and tables from SMARTdesks’ new Cirrus line offer motorized flexibility and wheelchair mobility in classroom and office settings alike.

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HAI Releases iTunes App “HTX2” Customizable Stand-Alone Remote Control for Audio/Video Equipment

HAI (Home Automation, Inc.), a manufacturer of integrated automation and security products since 1985, announced that the iTunes store now features a new HAI application for iOS devices, “HTX2”.

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"Flipping Out Over Competition" at UBTech2012

Join us for a fast-paced interactive presentation during which you will interact with Coach Garver and instructional technology go to guy Brian Roberts to gain an understanding of how they have effectively flipped their classroom in order to provide their students the competitive edge in regards to learning.

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Vaddio Donates Remaining Furniture Inventory to K-12 and Higher Ed Facilities

Vaddio, the global leader in robotic PTZ cameras and camera control systems, will donate all remaining furniture to K-12 and higher education facilities beginning April 24th, 2012.

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Numonics Corporation Announces IPM II Field Upgrade to INTELLIBOARD Interactive Whiteboard

Now it is possible for existing Interactive Presentation Manager (IPM II) customers to easily and economically upgrade their interactive whiteboards to be compatible with the current INTELLIBOARD® product and version of Windows.

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Matrox Adds Three New Fanless Video Wall Controller Boards to Mura MPX Series

Matrox Graphics Inc. announced the introduction of three new fanless MuraTM MPX Series video wall controller boards that build upon the line’s revolutionary design.

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Interactivity, Data Mining, and the Future of Digital Signage

Considering content and the possibilities of DOOH

If you were to travel 10 years into the future and walk onto a college campus, what would you expect digital signage to look like? I’m not sure what it will look like, but what I do know is that my two young sons will want to interact with it. Steve Jobs left me a legacy of listening to endless fire truck videos; clips of animated cars, trucks, and trains speaking in German, Dutch, and Japanese; and video updates of the latest in dancing robots (“bebots,” as my 18-month-old calls them).

Assistive Technologies Don’t Bypass Learning, They Improve It

Mainstream colleges and universities could benefit from increased use of assistive technologies for learning, but there are some educators who feel that allowing students to use assistive technology is like cheating.

As someone who works at a college where these learning tools are used every day in every class, I’d like to clear up this major misconception. These tools simply facilitate learning, and all of us, different and “normal” learners alike, should understand what the tools can do for us.