About 300 U. Va. Students' Transcripts Exposed Online

A University of Virginia spokeswoman says human error likely caused about 300 students' transcripts to become accessible online.

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Moving Toward Ever Safer Campuses

As in any community, there will always be incidents of crime on campus. While the cause is unknown, in many categories of campus crime, the number of arrests went down between 2007 and 2009. Add unified security systems to the mix, and response to crime can be swifter and the number of victims can potentially be minimized even further.

CASE STUDY: Unified Security at the University of Miami

When Scott G. Burnotes arrived at the University of Miami, he found multiple, separate systems for emergency notifications. A third-party vendor handled texting, emailing, and phone calls; sirens had been set up around campus; and some web-based notifications were utilized.

“Their focus was on continuing to build a multimodal method of communication for all types of emergencies,” recalls Burnotes, Miami’s director of emergency management.

Unified Security

Increasing efficiencies and limiting liabilities through more integrated and comprehensive security technologies, policies, and procedures


The lecture had run late, and on top of that the sophomore biology major had joined a couple of friends for a cup of coffee afterward to kick around the speaker’s provocative ideas. It was well after midnight when he made it back across campus to his residence hall, where he noticed a side door that was ajar.

The Sacramento Bee, L.A. Times Sue To Force Release Of U of California, Davis Officer Names In Pepper-Spraying

Arguing that the public has a right to know the names of the police officers involved in the November pepper-spray incident at UC Davis, The Bee and the Los Angeles Times sued Wednesday to force disclosure of their identities.

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Information On U Of North Carolina Charlotte Students, Faculty Exposed

The University of North Carolina Charlotte says bank account numbers and Social Security numbers of more than 350,000 students and faculty were accidentally exposed in a computer security breach.

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Plustek Announces nDVR540 Surveillance Solution

Plustek Technology Inc., a manufacturer of consumer, prosumer and professional imaging devices, announced today the launch of its new nDVR 540, a digital video recorder surveillance system designed for use with existing CCTV cameras.

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UC Davis Leaders Unveil Plan To Reform Handling Of Protesters

UC Davis leaders have laid out a list of proposed reforms in the wake of last November's pepper-spraying of students by campus police.

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U Of South Alabama Dorm Robbery Involved Attempt To Buy Marijuana, USA Police Say

The armed robbery that resulted in a five-hour lockdown Sunday at the University of South Alabama stemmed from a student’s attempt to buy marijuana from two men, USA Police Chief Zeke Aull said today.

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Join the Federation

While a federation might sound like something out of Star Trek, it’s actually the next big step in identity management.

“I think where the real action is today is federation,” says Rodney J. Petersen, managing director of Washington office and senior government relations officer for Educause. “That is not just allowing students and staff into a single system, but allowing them to log in to a different system or a government system.”