University Of Montevallo Suspends Student In Connection With Cat Deaths

A University of Montevallo student is under suspension after an investigation led authorities to believe the individual is responsible for causing the disturbing deaths of three cats found on campus in October.

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Security: Show and Tell?

Certain security measures should be visible, but for others, it’s better when they’re less obvious or even hidden. Here’s some perspective on which the campus community should spot—and which they’d better not.

In an era when higher education leaders are more mindful than ever of potential threats to the safety of those living, learning, and working on campus, security planning has reached new levels of complexity. Few would argue that at least some security measures should be highly visible to the campus community. Just as in society at large (think of the police cruiser parked in the median of a busy highway), the right level of visibility can prevent campus crime or violence.

Can Schools Proactively Monitor Social Media for Threats?

The search-based filtering techniques used by social media monitoring tools rely on spotting a specific set of keywords, including the name of the school. Since people can make valid threats using words outside that list, monitoring tools could never identify threats comprehensively.

Posting A Threat

Recognizing and responding to threats of violence made via social media

In the wake of the Colorado movie theater shooting and noting the social media clues that appeared beforehand, college and university leaders are taking threats of violence posted to social media very seriously.

Case in point: Kent State University (Ohio) charged 19-year-old student William Koberna with a felony charge of inducing panic and a misdemeanor charge of aggravated menacing for tweeting, “I’m shooting up your school ASAP” and threats to the college president. Koberna’s tweets came five days after the Colorado massacre.

Investigation Continuing Into Dead Cats Found At University Of Montevallo

An investigation is continuing into the separate discoveries of three cats on the University of Montevallo campus killed under unusual circumstances that are causing a stir in the Shelby County community.

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Student’s Account Has Rape in Spotlight

This year has brought news of student athletes charged with sex crimes at Boston University and at Temple, along with countless other less publicized cases.

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Knife-Wielding Man Arrested At Gunpoint At U of Arizona Library

A man with a knife caused a stir this afternoon at the main library on the University of Arizona Campus.

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Miami U Identifies Students Behind Rape Flier

Miami University officials said Monday that they have identified the students responsible for placing “The Top 10 Ways to Get Away with Rape” flier in restroom at a freshman co-ed dorm two weeks ago.

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18-Year-Old Reports Being Raped At UCO In Edmond

An 18-year-old woman reported being raped at 3 p.m. Friday in Central Plaza, a UCO residence hall. According to a campus police incident report, the woman knew her attacker.

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