Classes, finals resume at Santa Monica College following deadly shooting

Classes resumed at Santa Monica College Monday, just days after five people were killed and another five were injured in a shooting rampage on and near the campus.

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Webinar takes aim at combating campus sexual assaults

With one out of five female college students and one in 33 male college students suffering rape during their academic career and only 10 percent of those sexual assaults getting reported, according to the National Institute of Justice, two firms are working to discourage the number of attacks.

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Don’t Forget TVs When Planning Emergency Alert Systems

These days there’s a lot of attention on delivering content and services to the second, third, and now fourth screens - laptops, cell phones and tablets. One of these services is mass notification, or Emergency Alert System (EAS) messaging. While reaching all of these new screens provides extensive coverage, skipping the original first screen, the television, leaves a gaping hole in the plan.

More government overreach--on campus sexual harassment

A joint letter from the U.S. Department of Justice and the Department of Education to the University of Montana earlier this month signals a stepped-up federal initiative to combat sexual assault and harassment on college campuses. While the problems are undeniably real, the government's proposed solutions may jeopardize such basic values as free speech and protections for the accused.

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Helping community colleges better prepare for crisis situations

Here’s a website with several Department of Education resources to help higher ed institutions prepare for natural disasters, guns on campus, and other emergencies.

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Kansas higher ed officials say concealed carry probably inevitable

The Kansas Board of Regents is expected to adopt a temporary resolution to keep in place the current no-weapons policy at the state universities, including Kansas University.

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'Secret Admirer' or Cyber Bully?

Since “Kirkwood Secret Admirer” was founded on March 28, over 1,600 Facebook members have liked the page and nearly 400 secret messages have been posted. However, despite being devoted to secret crushes, many of the messages posted on the Kirkwood page have been overtly sexual, inappropriate, spiteful or unabashedly mean.

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Student Shot Two Women at Virginia CC Before Being Subdued

An 18-year-old student drove to a community college campus located inside a western Virginia mall on Friday, April 12, walked in, then opened fire -- wounding two women -- before being subdued by an off-duty security guard and two police officers, authorities said.

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Jackson CC (Mich.) Conducting Voluntary Lockdown Drills

Jackson Community College isn’t required to do drills designed to protect its students and employees from campus threats, but that’s not stopping college officials from doing them. That includes instituting a critical incident team that incorporates everyone from safety personnel to college employees to JCC President Dan Phelan, Allen said. The team will cover policies and procedures for everything from active shooters on campus to bomb threats to chemical spills in labs and power outages, she said.

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Wrestlers Who Were Allegedly Videotaped at Muskegon CC (Mich.) Praised for Quick Response

Muskegon Community College officials praised the response from the school's wrestlers, who police say were secretly videotaped while showering.

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