Risk Management

Cutting Price: Factors to Consider

Helping to determine if this high-risk strategy will have high rewards

IN THE CURRENT ECONOMIC environment, it comes as no surprise that some higher ed institutions are beginning to wonder whether a radical strategy like reducing sticker price would be the best way to maintain market share. This spring, deposits were lagging at many private IHEs, even at campuses where admit numbers were up. More families were appealing financial aid awards, and more institutions were responding to those appeals. Officials are concerned students may “melt away” before fall.

"Dude, Where's My Projector?"

Steps to take to prevent A/V equipment theft

Twenty years ago, projectors had three "guns," weighed between 80-120 pounds, were the size of a coffee table, and took a crew of technicians a couple of days to install and converge. They were dim, expensive, and finicky machines, but the one advantage they had over today's bright, ultra-portable, and inexpensive projectors was that you could come into the classroom or lecture theater and pretty much count on still finding them, on the ceiling, where they were yesterday. Theft wasn't an issue.

Manageable Risk

Some colleges and universities have been reluctant to attempt an ERM program, but it's clearly becoming the holistic risk management tool of the future.

DEFINE RISK. TO AN INVESTOR WHO'S NOT SQUEAMISH, RISK MIGHT BE putting money into the commodities market, where prices go up and down on a daily basis.

Retain Students Retain Budgets: A How. To

A primer for colleges and universities

Hardly a day goes by without a college announcing jobs, programs, or spending cuts. You would think with all the brainpower at our colleges and universities they would be able to come up with better solutions than lopping off people, sections and services to students. But they don’t seem to. Why not?

Uncharted Waters

Navigating enrollments and financial aid in tough times

IN DECEMBER, STAMATS AND SCANNELL & KURZ PRESENTED “WISE MOVES IN TOUGH TIMES,” A WEBINAR with more than 800 college and university leader participants. This spring, Scannell & Kurz will present at two national conferences and conduct two more webinars on the topic. The demand for these is new.

More with Less

Seven ways to survive the budget crunch

IF LOVE IS IN THE AIR IN FEBRUARY, IT SURE HAS SOUR company this year. More and more campus administrators are contemplating—or already living with—budget cuts, hiring freezes, and other tough financial decisions.

Market Meltdowns and Endowment Allocation

Strategies for new market realities

THE WORLD’S FINANCIAL markets spent the latter part of 2008 in an unprecedented state of volatility. Pictures of frazzled and depressed traders became one of the worst clichés in the news because they seemed to run every day.

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