Risk Management

UW System Audit Recommends More Background Checks For Employees Who Work With Minors

A new University of Wisconsin System audit recommends that university officials expand the use of background checks for employees who work with children.

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Md. Cannibalism Case Raises Questions About Troubled Students

Following tragedies like the shootings at Virginia Tech in 2007 or the beating death of a University of Virginia lacrosse player Yeardley Love in 2010, campuses across the country — including Morgan — have developed intervention programs and threat assessment teams.

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Plagiarism Still a Major Problem

Plagiarism is a widespread problem, and with anytime, anywhere internet access, it only seems to get worse. As part of a study published last summer by The Pew Research Center and the Chronicle of Higher Education, more than half of 1,055 college presidents surveyed said they had seen a rise in plagiarism in the last 10 years. (Just 2 percent thought that it had decreased.)

Reevaluating Reaction Policies

Ever since the University of California system was criticized for the campus police reaction to student protests in 2011—namely the use of pepper spray at UC Davis and batons at UC Berkeley—the system has been investigating and reevaluating its protest reaction policies.

Chancellor Linda Katehi Lists Her Mistakes In UC Davis Pepper-Spray Incident

Though she took "full responsibility" months ago, UC Davis Chancellor Linda P.B. Katehi detailed for lawmakers Tuesday specific mistakes she made in a campus pepper-spraying incident that sparked national headlines and outrage.

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UC Davis Leaders Unveil Plan To Reform Handling Of Protesters

UC Davis leaders have laid out a list of proposed reforms in the wake of last November's pepper-spraying of students by campus police.

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Becker College Implements MOAT to Improve Policy Management and Compliance

Becker College has implemented MOAT, an innovative risk management software platform from Awareity, to more effectively communicate all policies, procedures, training, etc. with faculty and staff and ensure ongoing compliance.

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BU Open With Students, Parents About Wave Of Trouble

For Boston University, it has been an awful four months: The college has seen an undergraduate badly injured in a fire, the arrest of two hockey players on sexual assault charges, two episodes of what appeared to be extreme hazing, and a student practical joke gone so badly awry it drew international media attention.

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Bear Tranquilized After Climbing Tree At CU-Boulder's Williams Village Dorms

Wildlife officers this morning tranquilized a bear that climbed about 15 feet up a tree at the University of Colorado's Williams Village housing complex.

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