High-Performance Computing

How the investment in heavy-duty computer processing power is paying off in research output

Imagine thinking thousands of thoughts at the same time. What if each thought was one piece of a really big problem—a problem now solvable in hours or days rather than years because of this simultaneous thought process? That’s what high-performance computing (HPC) does.

Universities Seek to Fly Unmanned Aircrafts

Some higher education institutions in Michigan are seeking authorization to fly their own unmanned aircraft for testing and research amid a roiling national debate about U.S. military-targeted drone strikes abroad and privacy concerns at home.

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What Will Sequestration Mean for Higher Ed?

Bracing for cuts, advocating for opposition

Higher ed organizations are bracing for potential cuts in student loan funding and the trickle down of major cuts to agencies that support the bulk of institutional research and development.

Ohio State Develops Clean Coal Technology

When a team of Ohio State students worked around the clock for nine days straight recently, they weren't pulling the typical college "all-nighters."

Tulane Has Suspended, Not Stopped, Using Pigs In Its Emergency-Training Program

A health-advocacy group was premature when it announced that Tulane University had stopped using pigs in a program to train doctors about emergency and trauma procedures.

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Alabama Research Universities Could Get Shorted If Fiscal-Cliff Negotiations Fail

Millions in federal dollars that support Alabama research universities could be in jeopardy if Washington can't reach a deal to stave off automatic spending cuts prescribed by the so-called fiscal cliff.

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UMass' Caret: "Fiscal Cliff" Would Hurt Research

University of Massachusetts President Robert Caret is warning that the university system could lose nearly $32 million in federal research dollars next year if the country heads over the so-called "fiscal cliff."

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