Grand Rapids Community College Increases Student Fees, Considers Future Bond Proposal To Help Fund Campus Repairs

In an attempt to help fund repairs for its aging campus, Grand Rapids Community College will now begin charging full-time students a $100 per-semester facilities fee.

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U of Iowa, State Ponder Next Move After Art Museum Funds Denied

University of Iowa and state officials are discussing their options after the Federal Emergency Management Agency denied a second appeal by the school for funding to replace its flood-damaged art museum.

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College Of San Mateo Garden Paving Blocked

A half-century-old garden at the College of San Mateo, where an ancient Bunya-Bunya tree resides alongside a rare Fragrant Pitcher Sage, will get a reprieve from the parking lot pavers because trustees didn't do a proper environmental review, a judge ruled Tuesday.

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Utah Universities Are Facing Billion-Dollar Nightmare

Over the past decade Utah schools, particularly the University of Utah, have been grappling with the high cost of cheap construction that was endemic 40 to 50 years ago.

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At San Francisco State Library, a Robot Will Be Happy to Find That Book for You

San Francisco State University has been renovating and expanding its library since 2008, and now the overhauled building is finally finished and partly open to students. But some who enter its newly pristine doors may notice something lacking: books.

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Rutgers To Move Forward With $71M Newark High-Rise Renovation

A long-vacant 1920s high-rise in Newark with a marbled lobby and sweeping views of the city will be converted into apartment-style housing for 350 Rutgers University graduate students.

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