Health Care

University of California hospitals cancel surgeries, divert patients amid strike

A strike by University of California patient care workers caused the cancellation of hundreds of surgeries, the closure of laboratory stations and the diversion of emergency room patients, officials said.

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SI: Do athletics still have too much power at Penn State?

At a time when health and safety issues have rattled football to its core, some members of the Penn State community can't fathom why one of the country's highest-profile and most-scrutinized college sports programs would do anything that might lessen athletic health care.

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College Health Plans Respond as Transgender Students Gain Visibility

Over the last decade, as activists started pushing colleges to accommodate transgender students, they first raised only basic issues, like recognizing a name change or deciding who could use which bathrooms.

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University Of Michigan Pays $100 Incentives To Employees In Wellness Programs

For the fifth year in a row, the University of Michigan will be giving $100 to each of its employees enrolled in its health care benefits who participate in online wellness programs -- a measure U-M says has proven to be worthwhile thus far.

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Colleges Roll Back Faculty Hours In Response To Obamacare

Fast food restaurants aren't the only places cutting employee hours to avoid paying for health care. College adjunct faculty are also seeing their hours reduced.

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Food (Allergy) Fight: Safe Student Dining a Right

Lesley University (Mass.) has agreed to a settlement reached under the Americans with Disabilities Act, after a group of students sued the institution for not providing adequate/safe dining options for them.

College Students With Food Allergies Make Legal Gains

Some food allergy advocates are celebrating what they see as a shifting legal trend: schools and other institutions required to treat food allergies as a disability.

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The Doctor Will Video Chat with You Now

At Harrisburg University of Science and Technology (Pa.), seeing a doctor is now just a click away. Using Rapid Remedy, an online service that allows students to video chat with board-certified physicians, Harrisburg students can skip unneeded office visits while saving the school money, shares Harrisburg’s President Eric Darr.

How Obamacare Health Reform Could Affect Faculty At Colleges And Universities

With about a year left before major portions of the federal health reform law take effect, colleges around the country – including Grand Rapids Community College – are looking for more guidance about how new regulations will affect adjunct instructors.

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