Financial Aid

Communicating about Financial Aid

Seven steps to a better process and output

With families’ growing concerns about financing higher education, and the federal government’s increasing involvement in recommending and/or requiring certain communications regarding institutional costs, every institution should be taking a step back to review all of the tools currently being used to present affordability, explain the aid application process, and communicate the awards themselves.

Wells Fargo Names Rasmussen Head of Education Financial Services

The financial services and company veteran will lead the nation's No. 2 provider of private student loans. The appointment is effective February 11, 2013.

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What Borrowers Think They Know

It can be tough for colleges to identify and counsel borrowers of private student loans. Schools aren’t required to certify these loans, so students can borrow them without the school knowing. Feedback from private student loan borrowers reveals they hold a host of common misconceptions about their loans.

Pell Grant Changes Hit Community College Students Hard

Enrollment at Community College of Philadelphia fell 4 percent last fall, and officials suspect tightened eligibility guidelines for federal financial aid are to blame in part.

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The $1 Trillion Problem: Protect Your Institution from Student Debt

Educating students is key to minimizing the student loan debt problem affecting your entire campus

The pressure institutions are facing from the growing student loan debt crisis is felt by all departments, from financial aid to admissions. Schools are struggling to justify tuition costs to prospective students, as well as to ensure recent alumni leave pleased with the institution, despite having student loan debt. In this web seminar, originally broadcast on November 13, 2012, representatives from American Student Assistance (ASA), St.

Pell Grant Cuts And Rising Tuition Could Be Causing Enrollment Decline At Public Colleges

As universities across Alabama fight to grow enrollment in the face of reduced state funding, the Alabama Commission on Higher Education reports headcounts fell slightly last semester.

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