Acxiom Gives $150,000 For Teachers In UCA's College of Business

Acxiom Corporation announced with the University of Central Arkansas College of Business Tuesday a pledge of $150,000 from the company to supplement teacher salaries.

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The Caste System in Higher Education (Opinion)

The caste system in higher education is alive and well, according to a report recently issued by the Center for the Future of Higher Education.

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Smoothing The Path From Foreign Lips To American Ears

For hundreds of grown men and women here, work can mean sticking fingers into models of the human mouth, or trying to talk while peering at their tongues in mirrors or while hopping up and down stairs.

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Penn State Fallout

In the wake of the Jerry Sandusky scandal, Pennsylvania State University has announced a program of performing background checks on all new hires. It’s just one of a number of penalties imposed on the university since the sex abuse charges came to light.

Let’s take a second to review some of the damage wreaked by that scandal. It led to the conviction of Sandusky on 45 counts of abuse, the firing of legendary football coach Joe Paterno for not acting on information he had, and the dismissal of university president Graham Spanier—to say nothing of the victims of the crime.­

Where the Jobs Are

You might not know it when you recall all the faculty and staff layoffs of recent years, but according to a new report, the number of jobs in higher education continues to grow faster than overall U.S. employment. An analysis of U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data by HigherEdJobs.com finds that the number of jobs in higher education grew 2.1 percent during Q2 2012, compared to growth of 1.4 percent for all U.S. jobs. A year earlier in Q2 2011, the number of higher education jobs grew 2.2 percent, compared to overall job growth of 1.0 percent.

U. of Iowa Fires Tenured Professor Over Outbursts

The University of Iowa took the rare step Thursday of firing a tenured professor who has been barred from campus since January 2011, saying he subjected a wide range of colleagues to repeated personal attacks, harassment and threats that disrupted the workplace.

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Part-Time Faculty Union Sues MATC Seeking Exemption From Collective Bargaining Law

The union representing 900 part-time faculty at Madison Area Technical College, also known as Madison College, sued the school on Monday.

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