Enterprise Management

Share and Share Alike

Shared services partnerships can be a boon to the bottom line, as well as a good way to establish relationships between institutions. Here are four rules that will help make these partnerships work.

WIDELY USED IN THE PUBLIC SECTOR, "SHARED SERVICES" is based on the idea that one organization can implement a solution internally as well as extend access to other organizations.

Entrepreneurship in Higher Education

Part of our industry, whether we like it or not

IT SHOULD COME AS NO surprise that many people in higher education eschew the notion of entrepreneurship. For some, the very word conjures up the specter of a for-profit motive, about which they are suspicious and disapproving.

Budget Crises Create Opportunity

Embracing a chance for change during difficult times

ONE OF THE MOST VALUABLE opportunities created by budget problems is the chance to put in motion some long-awaited changes for your college or university.

What's New

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Acrobat 9 from Adobe is taking the process of creating and sharing electronic documents a few steps further through new features.

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