Enterprise Management

Attacking Both Sides of the Balance Sheet

Doing more with less has become the new normal in public universities. Preached by a select few in academe who saw the recession approach like a speeding freight train, the do-more-with-less philosophy is finally gaining traction and critical leadership support in higher ed both nationally and abroad.

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Upgrading to the next generation of campus networks

Network building blocks support virtualization and mobile wireless today and for the next big thing

From BYOD environments to high bandwidth applications, there is intense pressure on network infrastructures. Upgrading is a high priority for higher education technology leaders. In this web seminar broadcast on September 20, an administrator from Gordon College in Wenham, Massachusetts described how the school faced those challenges head on when it embarked on a fourth-generation upgrade and redesign of its network to meet the changing demands of its users.

An information technology marriage made in collegiate heaven

For more than a decade, the University of Alberta has happily and successfully relied on Alcatel-Lucent’s VitalQIP DNS/DHCP IP Address Management system
When the University of Alberta recently decided to seek Information Technology Infrastructure Library certification, it did so with confidence. It knew it had an ace in the hole: Alcatel-Lucent’s VitalQIP DNS/DHCP IP Address Management solution.
The solution, which automates IP address management services across networks, positions Alberta well for certification in ITIL—information technology practices and policies that emphasize alignment of IT services with business objectives.

Fla. Gov. Wants to See Results of State Higher Ed Funding

Gov. Rick Scott's message Wednesday to the Florida Board of Governors and state university presidents was nearly identical to what he's been saying for months. He said that he wants universities to keep costs down and provide a return on the state investment in them.

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Why Higher Ed Needs Scenarios

From sources of funding to student engagement models, from the use of mobile technology to social media, multiple disruptive forces create surprises for administrators, frustrations for academics and bewilderment for students. Uncertainty threatens to incapacitate institutions as they choose for change to be thrust upon them, or attempt to avoid or ignore the strategic importance of the changes taking place around them.

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EDUCAUSE annual conference seeks answers to 'disruptive' challenges facing higher education

When higher-education's global business-and- technology leaders convene here this week, no single topic will be more apparent than today's "disruptive" environment challenging colleges and universities around the world.

EMPOWER Student Information System Releases Update to Expand Capabilities

To meet the growing needs of campus administrators and faculty, EMPOWER Student Information System released an update on September 21, 2012 to expand its capabilities.

Dr. Richard Pattenaude Appointed President Elect of Ashford University

Dr. Richard Pattenaude has been appointed to president elect of Ashford University. Dr. Pattenaude is Chair of the Commission on Institutions of Higher Education for the New England Association of Schools and Colleges.

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Palo Alto U Makes Last Mortgage Payment, Is Debt-free

Palo Alto University (PAU), a private non-profit higher education institution, announced today that it has made its final mortgage payment to lender Comerica Bank, and is now debt-free. To mark the event, PAU is hosting a “mortgage-burning” ceremony on Tuesday, October 9 at 11:30 A.M. on its Allen Calvin campus in the Amy M. Wisniewski Hall.

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