Higher Returns for Endowments

Understanding the value premium in the U.S. equity market

To outperform the broad U.S. equity market, many college and university endowments focus primarily on hiring active managers to outperform a narrow part of the market, such as large-cap growth or small-cap value, while maintaining an equal allocation between growth stocks and value stocks. In addition to active management, however, these endowments should also consider taking advantage of a structural bias that exists in the U.S. equity market: the outperformance of value stocks relative to growth stocks over longer periods (the value premium).

UConn President Wants $1 Billion Endowment

University of Connecticut President Susan Herbst has outlined a future for the school that includes 300 more faculty members and a $1 billion endowment.

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Longhorn Network revenues endow faculty chair

The University of Texas said today that it has allocated $1 million from Longhorn Network revenues to create an endowed chair in Latin American art history and criticism. Professor Andrea Giunta in the College of Fine Arts has been appointed to the chair.

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Donor Giving Strong

An Atlas of Giving report reveals that the education sector was the strongest for charitable giving in 2011. The sector received $54.30 billion in 2011, an increase of 9.8 percent over 2010 when donors gave $49.44 billion. Education still falls in second place to religious charities, with education accounting for 16 percent of total giving in 2011 and religion at 36 percent.

Growing Investments: Endowments On The Rise At West Michigan Colleges And Universities

The pool of money that colleges and universities across Michigan use to fund scholarships and pay for operations grew in 2011, an event that administrators said was driven by resurgent financial markets and wise investment decisions.

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Colleges Must Respect Donor Intent

Plaintiff in case against Hopkins says institutions face risk when they don't abide by givers' wishes

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$10 Million Gift Will Help Build New U of California, Davis Art Museum

For years, most of the UC Davis art collection has languished in storage because of limited space at the university's current museum.

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Yale Endowment Posts 22% Gain to End Fiscal Year at $19.4 Billion

The endowment of Yale University turned in a much improved performance in its latest year, though still not as strong as the broad stock market.

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