The benefits of giving a scholarship endowment

Berkshire Hathaway Vice Chairman Charles Munger's recent gift of $110 million in stock to his alma mater, the University of Michigan, will provide housing for generations of graduate students and earn him an honored spot in the university's history books. But you don't have to be a billionaire to create a lasting legacy for students.

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Retiring Ohio State's Gee did a lot for the university's endowment fund

Few could speak, fundraise, and inspire students and alumni like retiring Ohio State president E. Gordon Gee. When he spoke, people listened, oftentimes with checkbook in hand. As a result of his and others' efforts, in the past year, Ohio State topped the list of the 50 largest university funding pools when it came to growing endowments.

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Spring 2013 Wisconsin Idea Endowment grant recipients announced

Ten projects, ranging from expanding higher-learning opportunities for low-income residents of Madison to designing a biogas system in Uganda, have been chosen as spring 2013 recipients of Ira and Ineva Reilly Baldwin Wisconsin Idea Endowment grants.

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Is fossil fuel divestment a wise move for university endowments?

Momentum for divestment of fossil fuel from university endowments grew slowly all spring. In late April, students at Rhode Island School of Design staged a sit-in to draw attention to the cause. Then, during a nationwide Day of Action on May 2, student groups at more than 60 colleges and universities hosted events pushing for fossil fuel divestment.

Is Fossil Fuel Divestment a Wise Move?

Making the case for and against stripping endowments of fossil fuel investments

Stop Feeding the Monster. End the Coal Age. Divest the West. Sandy Says: Divest Climate Destruction. Bound by Fossil Fuels, Freed by Action.

Messages like these have emblazoned banners on campuses across the country since 350.org’s Fossil Free divestment campaign began last November.

Purdue, other universities find young alumni a challenging audience for fundraising

At some point, 14 percent of Purdue's most recent young alumni cohort, which the school measures as anyone under the age of 35 who graduated within the last 10 years, has given gifts to the university, which has resulted in about $2 million, according to Storm. That represents a tiny chunk of the $300 million Purdue receives annually in gifts system-wide.

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New Community College gets $15 million gift and new name

The Stella and Charles Guttman Foundation is giving $15 million to New Community College, which will change its name to Stella and Charles Guttman Community College.

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What We Should Know about Investments and Endowments

John Griswold, executive director of Commonfund Institute, talks in this Q&A about how colleges and universities can make smart choices in an uncertain economy, and details the major factors influencing investment decisions.

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U of Delaware Student Group Seeks to End Investment in Fossil Fuel

Fossil Free UD, a University of Delaware campus campaign that aims to encourage university administration to divest fossil fuel companies from its endowment funds, has submitted a proposal to its student government that will be voted on next week.

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Day of Action for Divestment

Student groups at more than 60 college and universities hosted events to raise awareness and push for fossil fuel divestment as part of 350.org’s #FossilFreedom Day of Action.