Employee Morale

U of Tennessee Chancellors: We Cannot Support Health Benefits For Gay Partners

University of Tennessee Chancellor Jimmy Cheek and Agriculture Chancellor Larry Arrington have told faculty they cannot support health benefits for unmarried and gay partners because of state laws.

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Why Aren't Females Aspiring to Be CIOs?

What the research shows and the opportunities that lie ahead

The higher education chief information officer role has origins that date back around three decades. This relatively nascent position is evolving at breakneck speed, adapting to the rapidly changing information technology landscape and a higher ed space also undergoing unprecedented change. Research conducted for my dissertation reveals that major IT industry developments such as IT consumerization—the bring your own device (BYOD) movement—cloud computing, and the information security suite of issues are all impacting the CIO role in profound ways.

University Is Uneasy As Court Ruling Allows Guns On Campus

Over the last two months, with the school year in full swing, anxiety over the university’s new gun policy has risen — driven in part by the mass shooting at an Aurora movie theater on July 20 by a troubled University of Colorado Denver graduate student and by the deep scars that still cut through the state from the killings at Columbine High School 13 years ago.

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Princeton President Shirley Tilghman Will Step Down In June

After 11 years at the helm of one of the nation’s most prestigious educational institutions, Princeton University President Shirley Tilghman now has her eyes set on the one thing that has eluded her in the last decade: Time.

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Kean University President's Contract Extended By 5 Years

Kean University’s board of trustees voted unanimously tonight to extend President Dawood Farahi’s employment contract by five years, ignoring faculty calls for new leadership on the troubled campus.

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College English Dept. Fights Class-Time Cuts

When members of the English department at Queensborough Community College voted last week against a plan to curtail their basic writing courses to three hours a week from four, they said they wanted to send the school a message: “We support our students,” Elise Denbo, a lecturer in the department, said Monday. “Sometimes they need extra time.”

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Director Of Yale's $19.4B Endowment Has Cancer

Yale University's chief investment officer, who has overseen the dramatic growth of the Ivy League school's endowment to $19.4 billion, is undergoing treatment for cancer, university officials said Thursday.

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Private Donors Fund U of Central Arkansas Athletic Department Pay Raises

Five coaches at the University of Central Arkansas will receive pay raises this year despite a long-running salary freeze that has faculty and staff in other departments considering jobs elsewhere, officials said Tuesday.

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