Economy Up, Enrollment Down: Community Colleges In Southwest Michigan See Numbers Decline

Southwest Michigan community colleges are seeing a decline in fall enrollment numbers this fall. Despite declining numbers, the reason could be because the economy is looking up.

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Turning Colleges Around May Take an Impartial Outsider

In 2009, I was called upon to help Greensboro College, a small, 174-year-old private liberal arts college in North Carolina, which was experiencing a whole range of problems typical of many institutions of higher education in recent years. In the booming economy of the early 2000s, the college had made some big real-estate purchases. It had started a football program, graduate programs and a marching band. But as the economy started to sour in 2008, its bankers got worried, and the college found itself placed in the Special Assets department.

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Enrollment Drop Costs Alabama A&M Nearly $1 Million In Revenue (Updated)

The 2.9 percent drop in enrollment at Alabama A&M University this fall is costing the school nearly $1 million in revenue.

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Top Republican And Democratic Legislators In Conn. Demand Resignation Of Higher Ed President

Democratic and Republican leaders of the General Assembly's Higher Education Committee are calling for the immediate resignation of Robert Kennedy, the president of the Board of Regents for Higher Education.

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Should Restrictions Be Lifted On UW, WSU Investments? Vote Set

Voters are being asked to consider an amendment to the state constitution that would allow research universities to invest in private companies and stocks.

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Aquinas College’s New Fundraising Chief: “All The Stars Are Aligned For Us”

Greg Meyer has been tapped to lead fundraising and alumni relations at Aquinas College, a position that’s key to the institution’s effort to provide student financial aid and campus improvements.

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