At Vincennes University, a little education goes a long way to ease concerns about debit cards

Parents and students gain confidence in convenience and security with Higher One's Refund Management system

When Vincennes University introduced the Blazer OneCard on its three Indiana campuses a year ago, students and parents were skeptical. Why, they wanted to know, was the university asking students to carry a MasterCard?



Welcome to the second Streamlined of 2009! My colleagues and I are proud to continue this series of publications designed to inform college and university administrators about new and innovative methods of streamlining business office operations.

Offering more choices for making tuition payments

Flagler College in St. Augustine, Fla., has been using Higher One's tuition payment services since August 2008. Richard Jacobs, Flagler's director of student accounts, discusses the school's experience with electronic tuition payment options.

Our process was pretty much like everybody else’s. It was all about paper and very time consuming.

Beyond Job Creation

A case for investing in America's 21st-century educational capacity and facilities

TODAY’S JOBS MEAN NOTHING without tomorrow’s education. To be sure, stimulus dollars should be deployed to create jobs now. But that deployment also represents a once-in-a-generation opportunity to invest in the expansion of our nation’s educational capacity and facilities.

Access Matters

Ensuring that preserving access to higher education becomes part of a national dialogue

IN MAY 1994, ENRIQUETA CORTEZ became the first Hispanic woman in Texas to earn a PhD in physical chemistry. Just a decade earlier, no one could have foreseen her achievement. As a high school student in the Rio Grande Valley, Enriqueta followed the cotton crop more than the school football team.

Understanding the OneAccount

When a college or university partners with Higher One to provide electronic refund disbursement, students are given the option of depositing their refunds into a no monthly fee, no minimum balance Higher One checking account, called a OneAccount. Casey McGuane, Higher One's chief service officer, provides answers to common questions about the OneAccount.

Yes. Every OneAccount is insured by the FDIC, currently for amounts up to $250,000.

Higher One helps California college overcome long-standing barriers to direct deposit

A no-hassle student bank account allows Imperial Valley College to deliver fast, secure electronic refunds

Seeking an alternative to the slow and inefficient system of mailing financial aid and other refund checks to students, Imperial Valley College set up its own direct deposit system. The only problem was just one out of 10 students signed up.

Uncharted Waters

Navigating enrollments and financial aid in tough times

IN DECEMBER, STAMATS AND SCANNELL & KURZ PRESENTED “WISE MOVES IN TOUGH TIMES,” A WEBINAR with more than 800 college and university leader participants. This spring, Scannell & Kurz will present at two national conferences and conduct two more webinars on the topic. The demand for these is new.

Incubators for Economic Development

The role of regional state colleges and universities in driving new, high-impact ventures

UNIVERSITY-BASED RESEARCH is responsible for many significant and remarkable discoveries, stimulating breakthrough products and technologies that have improved quality of life and created jobs and new industries.

An Idea Just Crazy Enough to Work?


I REMEMBER, IN A COLLEGE LITERATURE class, reading Jonathan Swift’s brilliant satirical essay “A Modest Proposal.” In it, Swift’s character suggests that the Irish could go far in alleviating a host of social ills—including overpopulation, abortion, food shortages, and unemployment—by raising their children to be eaten by the wea