Early Alert System

ConnectYard Announces New Upgrade Program for Blackboard Learn Customers

K12 and Higher Ed institutions using Blackboard Learn™ can now send emergency notifications via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, text messaging and email for free

NOTIFIER Adds Advanced Detection Capabilities Via Very Early Warning Smoke Detection Gateway

New Networking Capabilities between NOTIFIER fire alarm and Smoke Aspiration Systems Unlock Vital Sensing Data to Speed Better Response

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Crisis Readiness: the Virginia's Community College System's Report

After the Virginia Tech campus shootings in 2007, the Virginia Community College System formed a task force and stages an annual summit to make sure that its 23 colleges are prepared. Read the findings here.

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Siena Heights University Receives Student’s Anonymous Tips via Text Message

Siena Heights University in Adrian, Mich. implemented an anonymous tipping system that allows students to “text” in their tips to the campus safety dispatch office.

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Va. Tech Praised For Quickly Sending Campus Alerts

Virginia Tech issued six safety alerts to the campus community in the wake of Thursday's shootings, the first minutes after the incident began, officials said.

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Four Fearsome Risks--And How to Manage Them

Mitigating risks involving campus violence, bullying and harassment, the higher education bubble, and natural disasters

Some of the scariest risks on campus remain hidden until the moment that students, teachers, and staff experience them. Until the shooter kills, the funding disappears, or the opposing party files the lawsuit, everything seems fine. Then, the overwhelming grief takes hold or the power to educate diminishes due to lack of resources. That's why, as campus leaders know, action must be taken before the risk occurs.

Someone to Watch Over You

Today's video surveillance technology is about much more than security.

When most people think of video surveillance, they think of a Big Brother scenario, where their every move is being monitored. And after a campus tragedy, such as the Virginia Tech shootings of 2007, pundits debate whether video surveillance might have prevented the tragedy. But at colleges and universities, these electronic eyes do much more.

We spoke to three security experts to discuss how video surveillance technology has changed to make surveillance far more intelligent and effective. Our panelists are:

Improving retention and graduation rates with CRM software

A University Business Web Seminar Digest Originally presented February 17, 2011

The cost to enroll a student is averaging approximately $6,000 and this cost doubles with the replacement of every student lost. Due to the recent financial climate, most states are facing financial cutbacks, making student retention paramount. Top reasons for attrition include school preparedness, financial support, academic progress, dissatisfaction with support services, and social readiness. So how can we keep students on track for graduation?