Two West Michigan Colleges Won’t Follow University Of Iowa’s Decision To Ask Applicants If They Identify With LGBT Community

The University of Iowa last week became first public university in the U.S. to inquire about the sexual orientation of prospective undergraduate students, a move meant to better serve and more quickly connect LGBT students with resources.

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$1 Million Donation To Aid University Of California At Berkeley's Undocumented Students

The University of California at Berkeley announced a $1 million grant Tuesday to boost financial aid for undocumented students, which is thought to be the largest gift of its kind in the nation.

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U of Iowa Makes Admissions Process More LGBT-friendly

The University of Iowa has made two changes to a portion of its undergraduate admissions application designed to make the process more inclusive to prospective students who are members of the LGBT population.

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Diversity Lessons May Be Required a U of New Mexico

The University of New Mexico may start requiring students to take at least one class that includes coursework on diversity before they graduate.

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Michigan's Affirmative Action Ban To Stay In Effect During Appeal To Supreme Court

Michigan's ban against affirmative action in public university admissions will remain in place while the state awaits whether the Supreme Court will take its appeal.

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Ferris State University Looks To Better Serve Latino Students

As the number of Hispanic students attending college continues to grow, Ferris State University is taking steps to strengthen its relationships with the Latino community on campus and in Grand Rapids.

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Class-Based vs. Race-Based Admissions (Opinion)

Admissions policies that take class into account, rather than race, are getting a renewed push as a win-win solution. The contention is that they more fully serve the goal of diversity in higher education and provide a progressive way to resolve an enduring conflict that has now returned to the Supreme Court in a case about race-conscious admissions at the University of Texas at Austin.

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Voters Say Yes to Proposition 30

Higher ed ballot initiatives shown support

While voters across the nation were glued to their screens on election night counting electoral votes, the higher education community was holding its collective breath awaiting the answers on a number of important ballot initiatives, proving this year’s election was truly about more than blue and red for higher ed.